In 2013 I worked with a team of creatives to prepare an art installation for the Expanding Territories exhibition which successfully toured Ireland between September 2013 and January 2014. Inspired by the landscape and local resources of County Tyrone we sought to explore opportunities for new projects which would benefit the local economy. I collaborated with a very talented photographer (Aidan Monaghan) and together we created a short film giving an overview of our team’s proposal which was called ‘The Caledonian Range’. We combined our love of the natural landscape with it’s fascinating human history and geological origins. We worked to our pre-determined ‘brief’ exploring the past, present and future. I created 2 original pieces of music which formed the soundtrack for this film. I have now re-edited some of Aidan’s original footage from the first part of our film so that it can be viewed as a stand alone music video for my first track which is called ‘PANGAEA’. If you like it please share the video far and wide. I would also welcome your feedback or critique. Thank-you in advance.