Wendy Jack Music launches new website

Anchors aweigh – Woo hoo!! Please take a few minutes to explore and you’ll find lots of new content. One of the best features is that I now have this lovely new blog area. Basically this is where I’ll post my most important latest news (new releases, gigs, adventures on the road, new projects).

Ofcourse the WJM website will evolve over time so it would be great to hear what other features/content you think I should add – or perhaps what I should leave out! Really I hope that this website should facilitate a better and more direct interaction between me and you!! So leave me a comment below & tick the box to receive notifications of my new posts – direct to your inbox. While I will continue to post randomly on Facebook, Twitter, etc. their business models mean that most people will miss the majority of my news – unless I start to pay them for my posts to reach you… I don’t think I can afford that yet… so thank-you for connecting with me here!

Again, thank-you for all your support so far. Wend  x.