New International Songwriting Award for ’90 Degrees’

Wendy’s retrospective album has now produced 2 award winning songs in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition. Songs are judged on their creativity, originality, lyrics, melody, arrangement and overall likability. Production / recording quality and vocal ability are not criteria. This makes the award all the more special for recognising the art of song writing.

Watch the new video and listen to ’90 Degrees’ here:

Not content with one mention in the International Songwriting Competition (for title track ‘Sunsets’), Wendy’s song ‘90 Degrees’ has also just been awarded runner up in this year’s contest. She is humbled to once again be included alongside some giants of music making.  

“It’s a real honour to be given such an accolade, especially considering the number of talented people who enter this competition from all over the world,” she says. “Being recognised in this way definitely spurs me on to keep working at and improving my technical skills as a professional songwriter. It also really helps me get my songs out to more listeners. As an artist though, I do believe that all creativity has merit and the best reward is always when someone really connects with my music on a personal level.”

Read the fascinating story behind the song in the article below:

Thank-you to everyone for reading, listening, watching, sharing and buying my music. Receiving this new international songwriting award is brilliant, but it would mean very little without your continued support.

Go raibh maith agaibh !!

Wendy Jack @ The Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival 2019

Ahoy there!! 
The amazing 
Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival runs from Friday 24th May – Sunday 2nd June 2019 (Across the Sound from Ballycastle to Rathlin).
Wendy Jack Music will be ‘popping up’ here and there to entertain… look out for up-dates & notices from me through my social media channels – twitter, instagram, facebook @wendyjackmusic

Who will join me for some Maritime Merriment??


New ‘Sunsets’ album – digital release 14 February 2019

Wendy Jack is releasing a new retrospective album called ‘Sunsets’. It will be available on all the usual digital platforms from Thursday 14th February 2019 (Bandcamp, Spotify etc.)


The ‘Sunsets’ album is a collection of 8 tracks I recorded 2011 – 2014 and includes a couple of tracks not previously released. The track listing is in chronological order. During this period I was experimenting with different song writing techniques… writing from the heart, writing from the head, writing to brief, asking my Facebook fans for inspiration, etc. So, the result is a little bit eclectic in terms of subject matter. All of the tracks were recorded and produced in collaboration with Bill Shanley in Dublin (except ‘Pangaea’ which I produced and recorded myself – Pangaea is my ode to The Sperrins mountain range in County Tyrone and is the soundtrack to a time-lapse video created by local photographer Aidan Monaghan – it can be viewed here on my website). On the other 7 tracks Bill Shanley contributed his exceptional guitar skills and we brought in a couple of other musicians to give the songs more depth. For example, Ronan Browne plays low whistle on the opening track ‘Derrylahan Dream’ and on the last track ’90 Degrees’ I recorded with a full band. We were mostly aiming for an Irish-Acoustic-Folk-Pop feel… except on ‘Crash Land’ where it gets a bit more Rock Sci-Fi 🙂 The first 4 songs originally appeared on the Limited Edition Wendy Jack EP ( a few signed copies are still available from my website shop). It included my debut single ‘Sunsets’ which the album is now named after. The song ‘Sunsets’ previously achieved some critical success receiving awards from two international song contests… I am now delighted to re-release all these tracks in the form of my new ‘Sunsets’ album and finally make all songs available on the usual digital music platforms.  The stories behind most of the songs are given here on my website.

These past few years I’ve been hibernating on beautiful Rathlin island…  taking a bit of time out to work on some other projects and gain more inspiration for my song writing. Now I am re-launching myself with the release of this retrospective album and hope to be out and about playing and collaborating with other musicians whenever possible. See the EVENTS section for details of up-coming gigs.

 All the best for 2019,
Go raibh mile maith agat !